Automating Lead Generation With Webinars and HubSpot

Using a webinar series to keep the sales pipeline full of leads.

At A Glance


To generate leads for a technical B2B solution.


Regular educational webinar series integrated with HubSpot.


A consistent flow of leads and deals into the sales pipeline for KTSL.

Our webinar series has been a huge success, helping us to generate new leads and turn existing leads into successful deals.

Paul Riddle, Head of Marketing at KTSL

The Challenge:
Automating Lead Generation

Creating a full sales pipeline is essential for every business, but in the IT services sector a single lead can turn into a multi-million pound deal. This makes lead generation a key focus for the leading IT and ITSM infrastructure businesses.

KTSL and their software partner BMC have long seen webinars as a key channel for engaging prospects and turning interest into deals. KTSL had used a different webinar provider before turning to streamGo. However, the lack of customer support and the generic branding and templates meant they knew they would need to change providers to be able to turn more leads into sales.

The Solution:
Live and On-Demand Webinar Series

Working with their partner BMC and streamGo, KTSL hosted a regular webinar series educating prospects on how to overcome their most pressing IT service management challenges. Viewers could quickly register to watch the live streams and as an added bonus they were then able to access any previous webinars they missed, on-demand.

“We were delighted with the quality of the video and audio of our webinar stream, it can be so frustrating as a user to struggle to hear the presenters, but streamGo took care of everything so we didn’t need to worry.”

Connecting Event Data To HubSpot

This is where streamGo’s integration with HubSpot clicked into action to automate lead generation for KTSL. The moment an interested prospect registered for a webinar, their details were synced to KTSL’s HubSpot account. If it was a new contact, a new record was created, or if an existing lead registered, their details were updated.

KTSL’s sales follow up was made simple thanks to key event information being synced to HubSpot. KTSL could quickly contact their hottest leads in HubSpot by using streamGo’s unique engagement score and they were able to easily see who had registered and who attended (or didn’t).

The ready-to-use sales and marketing lists in HubSpot, made KTSL’s follow-up campaigns more effective than ever.

Attentive Customer Support

KTSL had been very clear about the high-level of customer support they expected, and the streamGo Event Producers worked hard to make sure this was met covering off four key areas:

Creating branded event pages and emails and setting up the HubSpot integration.

The live event streaming and on-demand recording and editing.

Presenter best practice tips and platform run-through.

Providing KTSL with accurate attendee reports quickly.

The team at streamGo have been excellent, they’ve been an extension of our own lead generation efforts. The Event Producers made sure our registration pages were optimised and that the HubSpot integration was set up to make our lives easier.

Paul Riddle, Head of Marketing at KTSL

The Result:
A Full And Fast-Flowing Sales Pipeline

“Our webinar series has been a huge success, helping us to generate new leads and turn existing leads into successful deals. Being able to engage our prospects with live questions, polls and survey has been key.

Working with streamGo feels like a true partnership and I look forward to it continuing.”

KTSL and BMC were delighted with the success of their webinar series, with new leads and deals generated from each event. The fully managed-service nature of the partnership with streamGo meant it was a simple campaign for KTSL to run and more webinars are on the way!

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