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Reap The Benefits With Our On-Demand Event Hubs

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Reap The Benefits With Our On-Demand Event Hubs

Did you know that typically, only around 40% of your attendees will actually watch your event live?

If your event isn’t available to watch on-demand, you’re missing out on tonnes of opportunities to get more attendees, increase engagement across your event content and generate more leads for your business.

That’s why we’ll always offer to host your sessions on-demand after your live event is over.

But it shouldn’t stop there.

We can create a special on-demand hub for your event that can include all sorts of things to keep engagement going and leads coming in. Watch the video to find out more…

Why Have Your Event On-Demand?

Increase Your Attendee Rate

If your event is open for longer (or even forever), it can serve as evergreen content you can promote and tie in with your marketing strategies to keep those sign ups rolling in.

Generate More Leads

More eyes on your event means more opportunities to generate leads. Include things like CTAs or promotional banners to direct viewers to your site and allow your event to work as a continuous lead gen magnet.

Get Higher Engagement

Hosting all your event sessions and resources is a really effective way to get people engaging with your brand and content. Better yet, add in additional content from the live event to add further value and engage your audience for longer.

Additional Audience Analytics

Remember; all interactions in our event platform are tracked. So you can use the ongoing data to see what people are interacting with, measure what has been popular and understand your audience more.

What Could You Include On Your On-Demand Pages?

Just uploading your event sessions is cool. But why don’t you use this opportunity to promote more content and keep your audience engaged for longer?

Here are some ideas of what you could include in your on-demand event:

  • Related resources on each session page to promote additional content
  • Session transcripts embedded onto pages
  • ‘Must-watch moments’ to highlight your favourite points throughout sessions
  • Teaser clips on registration pages to entice sign-ups
  • Next session video thumbnails to encourage viewers to watch more sessions
  • CTAs and banners to promote further services or products

Searchable Video & Automated Captions

When you host your event on-demand with us, all of your event sessions will also be completely searchable. Our powerful video search tool, discoverGo, searches all spoken words across your videos.

This means that people can look for mentions of specific words, phrases or even topics to find relevant content. They can then click to play from that exact point in the video.

There’s even an auto-suggest option to highlight content related to what they’ve searched, encouraging viewers to explore even more of your event content.

discoverGo also adds automated video captions to all of your sessions, making your event content instantly more accessible.

Find out more about our video search here >>

Run Better Online Events

With our team of Event Producers providing first-class support throughout your online events, engaging your audience is just one click away…

What Else Is New At streamGo? We're Glad You Asked...

Event & Page Tagging

Events and pages can now be given a tag, allowing attendees to search by a tag or filter sessions so they only see what they’re most interested in.

Dynamic Questions

Attendees are able to reply to each other within Q&A sessions, allowing them to comment on a question someone has asked or spark a conversation.

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Run Better Online Events

With our team of Event Producers providing first-class support throughout your online events, engaging your audience is just one click away…


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