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Before My Event

Do attendees have to register?

Typically, yes, as this is how you will find out who watched your event, and allows you to follow-up with them afterwards, however if your event is restricted to your existing members/staff for example, then we can use pre-registration or single-sign on to allow them straight into the event without needing to repeat their details. Ask us for more detail on how this can work for your website.

Can I charge attendees?

Of course! You need to be confident that you are producing content which has sufficient appeal to your audience to justify a price-tag, but there’s no reason not to charge for access if, for example, you’re live-streaming parts of a physical event which delegates have paid to attend. StreamGo won’t take the payment on your behalf, but can advise and assist you in utilising your existing payment gateway or setting up another simple payment option.

Can my event look like my brand?

It can, and it should. No matter which plan you choose, your event pages can be branded up to look exactly like you, not us.

How long does it take to prepare for an event?

If you’re using one of our ready-to-go templates with the Pro and Pro Unlimited plans, it’s pretty simple to set up your event pages and add your branding. You’ll have onboarding with our Project Managers to make sure you’re good to go.

With something that’s Enterprise-level, the streamGo team can set-up an event pretty quickly. But the important factor here is allowing time to market your event effectively. Two to four weeks is usually a good amount of time to allow for promotion.

You can find out more about our plans here >>

Would my requirement suit a webinar or a webcast better?

Interesting question – there are a number of factors to consider here, and budget is usually a big one! Webinars are run and managed remotely, meaning that they are typically a much cheaper option. Webinars also tend to work well if your presenters are scattered around the globe, as if often the case. However if your event calls for a more visual approach, your presenters are all based in one location, or you’re looking to live-stream elements of an existing physical event, then a webcast is a great choice. Either type of event will allow for live polling and live Q&A. You can read more at our pages;
Webcasts »
Webinars »

Is there a minimum term contract?

Not if you don’t want one. We have three different plans for you to choose from depending on how many events you’d like to run with us. Although you’ll secure our best prices by committing to a volume of events over 12 months.

Who do you work with?

We work with big brands and small alike – we’re trusted by global megapowers like Johnson and Johnson, Temenos, Sony, HP, Pentland Brands (owner of Speedo, Lacoste, Ted Baker and Berghaus to name a few), Serco and London Business School alongside publishers who run events for some of the biggest business publications. Read our customer stories here »

Is my data safe with streamGo?

In a word, yes.

Our hosted pages send data using HTTPS ensuring that the data is encrypted while in transit. We encrypt data using the TLS protocol and default to using the highest version of TLS supported by your visitors’ browsers.

The personal data we collect and process is client specific and depends entirely on the data that you (our client) wants us to collect and process. This typically includes first name, last name, email, company, job title and country. However it may be more or less depending on your requirements. The session data we collect includes user IP address, length of time viewing, clicks and on page engagement. We do not
collect or process sensitive personal information like bank or credit card details.

All data is stored in two places, both inside the EU, our Virtus datacentre in London and on the Amazon Web Services platform in the EU-West-1 Region (Ireland). Both data centres are compliant to ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation. Data access is tightly controlled to authorised members of the streamGo team only. We take data security very seriously.

For more information on our data policies please head to

During My Event

Can we use video?

Sure, you can embed video in your slides or we have a full range of live video webcasts with professional video production. Video is no problem, it’s what we do. Find out more about us »

Can I pre-record my content?

Pre-recorded content is a great option, especially if you have first-time or nervous presenters, as it allows them to feel more confident and less pressured knowing they have an option to re-record or edit any mistakes. The event can still be streamed as though live, and your attendees will never know the difference! Sometimes this is known as simu-live or simulated live.

How can I keep my audience engaged?

Keeping the audience engaged is every bit as important as getting them to attend in the first place, so we recommend making your event interactive.

With our platform you’ll have access to so many innovate engagement features, like live polling, networking matchmaking, live chats, social media walls and sponsor booths.

Our reporting platform tracks every interaction across your event, so you can see who’s been viewing and interacting with at. This is a great resource and way to engage with the attendee after the event.

What if the tech fails?

We all know that technology is not always reliable, however streamGo provide back-up servers and CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) in the event of any issues.

If you’re running an Enterprise-level event with us, this is something you don’t even need to think about. Our Event Producer will be keeping an eye on the technical performance of your event throughout, and will make any changes if needed to ensure there’s no lost events.

Can I just use YouTube?

YouTube is an incredible platform for generating wide coverage for video, however it’s also essentially a social platform. Your video might get more exposure, but could also attract negative or inappropriate commentary which you can’t control, and while the number of views might be high, you have no way of knowing who these viewers are, to then engage with them in future.

The interactivity is very limited, branding non-existent, adverts annoying, and there’s absolutely no way to control the access via YouTube, so it definitely is NOT the right forum for any internal communications or sensitive information.

Do my audience or presenters need to download any apps?

Nope and you don’t need Flash installed either (it’s not the 1990s after all). Attendees login and the event plays on any device, any time, no apps or installers. Presenters have access to our state of the art PresentGo platform – full of handy features to help when presenting.

After My Event

How do I know how successful my event has been?

Success looks different depending on the type of event you’re running, but we provide reports for all of the metrics you’d need, from registrations, attendees, questions and clicks to average view and session times.

We work closely with our clients to understand from the outset what the key goals of each event are, and provide advice and guidance to help clients maximise the ROI from every webcast or webinar. Your success is our success.

Will the event be hosted on-demand?

Sure thing – we all know your attendees won’t all be able to make the live event, so making the content available on-demand is both good manners, and great business.

With our Pro and Pro Unlimited plans you can make your event on-demand with just the click of a button. With Enterprise-level events, our team will sort that all for you once your event is finished.

Our reporting also allows you to see analytics on both the live and on-demand event separately, so you get a great understanding of when and how your attendees view your event.

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