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Our webinar software makes it easier than ever to create webinars that look amazing and generate the results you need:

  • Fully branded: Embed your webinars on your own site or use our custom-branded landing pages.
  • Easy integrations: We’re compatible with leading CRMs to help you get even more insight-rich data.
  • Flexible registration: We can handle registrations for you or use your own registration pages.
  • Unbeatable support: Our Event Producers and Project Managers are with you every step of the way.
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Excite, Engage & Educate
Like Never Before

  • Live chat and chat rooms
  • Automated CPD certification
  • Dynamic questions & polls 
  • Social media style reaction icons
  • Trackable resources
  • Live audience analytics
    and much more…
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“We couldn’t be more grateful for streamGo’s efforts on our webinar. I would definitely recommend using their services. Everything worked perfectly, was very simple to use and the level of customer service was extremely high.”

Robbie Lang

Robbie Lang, Project Manager
Synergy Medical Education

No Matter What Type of Webinar You're Running,
We've Got You Covered


Drive audience engagement with live webinars filled with interactive features.


Have your webinar content available whenever your audience wants to watch it.


Perfect delivery guaranteed with pre-recorded content broadcast as if it’s live.

Scheduled + Live

The engagement of live webinars with the convenience of pre-recorded content.

Online masterclasses       Virtual conferences       Internal communications       Thought leadership       Personal branding       Business updates       Lead generation       Online training       Roundtables       CPD training       Employee onboarding       Investor relations

Create Webinars That Generate Incredible Results

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What Makes streamGo Webinars So Different?

Dedicated Event Producers

Our expert Events team will be there every step of the way

Fully Branded

Embed your webinars on your own site or use our custom-branded landing pages.


Integrate your webinar data with leading CRM, marketing automation, and audience interaction tools.

Live Analytics

View live data on sign ups, attendees and webinar engagement activity.

Presenter Studio

Choose from a range of layouts for single and multiple webcam presenters

One-Click Registration

Users can register for your webinar in a single click in their email invite.


Use your own reg pages and we’ll still provide engagement data.

One-Click CTA

Include a CTA/button on your event page to enable a one-click action from your viewers.

Custom Code Embed

Add your own tracking codes to your event. Google Analytics & Ads, social media and retargeting audiences, marketing automation and more.

Downloadable Content

Add value with handouts, eBooks, templates and more. Easily track who downloads them.

Always-On Video

Attendees can explore your entire event while continuing to watch the video stream.

Secure Access

Our security is internationally recognised and validated unlike some competing platforms.

 CPD Accreditation

Provide automated CPD accreditation for professionals in any sector.

Live Chat + Rooms

Your audience can ask you questions during your event or connect with each other to ramp up enagement.

Polls + Surveys

Get feedback, enrich attendee data and qualify leads. View all the data quickly and easily.

Use Any Form

If it makes life easier use your own forms and we’ll still provide engagement data.

Need Something More?

We can also cater for all your virtual and hybrid event needs! Whether you’re looking for 360° immersive event design or event tech to connect your in-person and online attendees, we have you covered.

Your Event Data, Exactly Where You Need It

Get a deeper insight into your audience and track them easier than ever before with our powerful integrations…

HubSpot and streamGo integration
Salesforce and streamGo integration

Manage your sales, marketing and event data all in one place with our HubSpot integration. Easily deliver automated sales and marketing campaigns to your event audience without having to lift a finger.

Automate your online event sales and marketing campaigns using our Salesforce integration. Manage everything in one place as we sync event data and attendee details to your Salesforce account.

With just a simple line of code you can delve deeper into your user analytics by integrating your event data with tracking sites such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Show-Stopping Webinars Across A Range Of Sectors


We’ve helped companies connect with investors and communicate key financial information and business updates with interactive webinars.  

Feature KOLs from anywhere in the world to boost the attendance of your online medical education sessions and reach a wider audience of HCPs.

Engage project stakeholders from anywhere in the world with important information and updates.

Generate leads with expert speakers and live audience interaction.

Deliver an online course or provide training using a series of webinars to people across the globe.

Provide your members with access to valuable content and speakers while offering sponsors brand awareness and lead generation opportunities.

Showcase the benefits of your technologies to a global audience and give tips on how to use it using interactive webinars.

Allow manufacturers to learn more about new technologies, strategies, ideas and news in the industry.

The Webinar Design Guide

If you’re looking for more ways to make your webinar slides stand out from the crowd, we have just the thing.

Our free eBook is packed full of real-life examples of slides from our client webinars to showcase key elements you should use to make sure your message sticks.

Download your copy and start designing slides to engage your audience today.

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webinar design guide

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Webinar FAQs

What is a webinar? ▼

A webinar (a blend of the words “web” and “seminar”) is a slide-based workshop, lecture, or presentation; hosted online on a piece of webinar software. Webinar software securely connects presenters with online audiences to share ideas, updates and other information.

Webinar software makes it easy to interact with your online audience. Broadcast live, recorded or as a mix, you can deliver your story in a branded environment and engage your attendees with surveys, polls and questions.

Use webinar software to generate new leads, deliver CPD training or provide internal updates to anywhere in the world, all without having to find your passport.

Are webinars effective? ▼

Absolutely, we wouldn’t do them otherwise! A study from the Content Marketing Institute found that marketers rate webinars in the top five in terms of the most effective tactics they use.

Can I charge webinar attendees? ▼

Of course! You need to be confident that you are producing content which has sufficient appeal to your audience to justify a price-tag. For example, you’re live-streaming parts of a physical event which delegates have paid to attend. We can advise and assist you in utilising a payment gateway or setting up another simple payment option for your webinar.

Also; here are 8 things people would happily pay for when accessing an online event – you’re welcome!

Can I make my webinar available on-demand? ▼

Sure thing – we all know your attendees won’t all be able to make the webinar live, so making the content available on-demand is both good manners and great business.

Our reporting allows you to see analytics on both the live and on-demand webinar separately, so you get a great understanding of when and how your attendees view your webinar.

What makes a great webinar? ▼

There are several things which you need to get right to make sure your webinar is ‘successful’. However, the success of your event depends on what you intend to achieve from hosting it. But generally, webinars supported by solid marketing campaigns, containing high-quality, engaging content and making use of interactive features are the most successful. Check out our Webinar ROI Masterclass for more information.

How can you measure the success of a webinar? ▼

The success of a webinar can be measured by a number of metrics and it all depends on the goal of your webinar. For example, if a webinar’s goal is to generate leads, it’s performance would be measured by its ROI, or number/value of leads generated.

We’ve listed 16 vital KPIs you should be using to measure your webinar success, plus have a free reporting template up for grabs. Check it out here >> 

What time is best to host a webinar? ▼

It’s important to consider time zones when deciding the time to host a webinar, as well as when your audience are most likely to engage. We’ve actually done our own research on the best day and time to host an online event!

Typically, between 1 – 3:30pm is great for attendee numbers and engagement, but it’s not that simple. Read our findings here to pick the best time for your webinar >>

Can I have my webinar look like my brand? ▼

It can, and it should. Your webinar should represent your brand at any and every available attendee touch-point, so with streamGo’s Branding+ you can ensure that the registration page, webinar page, reminder emails and URL all look and feel just like your own.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Webinar Design Guide >> 

How long does it take to prepare a webinar? ▼

streamGo can set-up a webinar pretty quickly, we’ve even managed within 24 hours, but the important factor here is allowing time to market your webinar effectively. OK, if it’s internal communications then you already know who you will be inviting, but it’s still good to give people enough notice to get the webinar in their diaries, to maximise attendance. Two to four weeks is usually a good amount of time to allow for promotion.

Would my requirement suit a webinar or webcast better? ▼

Interesting question – there are a number of factors to consider here, and budget is usually a big one! Webinars are run and managed remotely, meaning that they are typically a much cheaper option. Webinars also tend to work well if your presenters are scattered around the globe as if often the case. However, if your event calls for a more visual approach, your presenters are all based in one location, or you’re looking to live-stream elements of an existing physical event, then a webcast is a great choice. Either type of event will allow for live polling and live Q&A. You can read more on our pages;

Webcasts »

Webinars »

Is my webinar data safe with streamGo? ▼

In a word, yes. Our hosted pages send data using HTTPS ensuring that the data is encrypted while in transit. We encrypt data using the TLS protocol and default to using the highest version of TLS supported by your visitors’ browsers. The personal data we collect and process is client-specific and depends entirely on the data that you (our client) wants us to collect and process. This typically includes first name, last name, email, company, job title and country. However, it may be more or less depending on your requirements. The session data we collect includes user IP address, length of time viewing, clicks and on-page engagement. We do not collect or process sensitive personal information like bank or credit card details. All data is stored in two places, both inside the EU, our Virtus data centre in London and on the Amazon Web Services platform in the EU-West-1 Region (Ireland). Both data centres are compliant to ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation. Data access is tightly controlled to authorised members of the streamGo team only. We take data security very seriously.

For more information on our data policies please head to

Can I include video content in my webinar slides? ▼

Sure, you can embed video in your slides or we have a full range of live video webcasts with professional video production. Video is no problem, it’s what we do. Find out more about us »

Can I pre-record my webinar content? ▼

Pre-recording your webinar content is a great option, especially if you have first-time or nervous webinar presenters, as it allows them to feel more confident and less pressured knowing they have an option to re-record or edit any mistakes. The webinar can still be streamed as though live, and your attendees will never know the difference! Sometimes this is known as scheduled + live.

How can I keep my webinar audience engaged? ▼

Keeping your webinar audience engaged is every bit as important as getting them to attend in the first place, so we recommend making your webinar interactive.

Live polling is a great way to get an instant snap-shot of your attendees’ thoughts on a certain topic, and you can display the results immediately on closing the poll – just be prepared for the results not to be what you expect!

Q&A sessions at the end of a live webinar are also important to allow attendees to interact, and our reporting platform tracks every question asked, so even if you can’t cover each one in the live webinar, it’s a great resource and way to engage with your webinar attendees after the event.

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