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Our all-in-one virtual event platform connects your audience with ease in a constantly evolving world. Enjoy less stress and more results from your online events with streamGo.

Everything You Need In
One Virtual Event Platform

Virtual events are evolving. Fast. We're here to help companies engage their online and in-person
event audiences with our focus on outstanding service and innovative features.

Customisable Design

Our templates can be fully branded, or if you need something extra special we can create 3D or 360 environments.

Engagement Tools

Our platform is packed with innovated features such as breakout rooms, polls and live chats to keep attendees engaged.

Event Matchmaking

Create authentic networking connections in seconds with our unrivalled event matchmaking software.

Detailed Analytics

Get extremely valuable data like engagement scores and attendee journeys throughout your event.

Onboarding + Support

All plans come with platform training. You’ll also have dedicated Event Producers for enterprise-level events.

Sponsor Features

Generate leads for your sponsors with interactive booths, live chats and advertising options.

Automated Emails

You can even personalise and schedule emails to your attendees straight from our platform.

Auto On-Demands

All events will be available to watch on-demand once your live event is over.

Pick A Plan That Works For You

Choose from our ready-to-go branded templates or work with our enterprise design, management and production team to create a fully bespoke event experience. Whatever your needs, our platform can cater for you.

Jam-Packed With
Innovative Tech

  • Registrations all handled within the platform.
  • Premium presenter tools to give speakers total control over sessions.
  • Engaging features such as real-time audience reactions, personalised agendas, live chats and more.
  • Access to our event matchmaking and video search software.
  • On-demand events automatically created.
  • Bespoke 3D and 360° design available.
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event matchmaking app

Experience Our Intelligent
Event Matchmaking Software

  • Connects your best-matched attendees in seconds.
  • Custom matchmaking questions for our powerful AI to follow.
  • IRL or online chats to instantly connect attendees.
  • Insightful analytics so you can easily see how people are networking.

Automated On-Demands To
Drive More Leads

  • Your event sessions can automatically be available to watch on-demand with just the click of a button.
  • All sessions include automated and editable subtitles.
  • You’ll have access to our video search software, discoverGo.
  • This creates a searchable video library of all of your event sessions.

Your Event Data, Exactly Where You Need It

Get a deeper insight into your audience and track them easier than ever before with our powerful integrations...

HubSpot and streamGo integration
Salesforce and streamGo integration

Manage your sales, marketing and event data all in one place with our HubSpot integration. Easily deliver automated sales and marketing campaigns to your event audience without having to lift a finger.

Automate your online event sales and marketing campaigns using our Salesforce integration. Manage everything in one place as we sync event data and attendee details to your Salesforce account.

With just a simple line of code you can delve deeper into your user analytics by integrating your event data with tracking sites such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

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Choose from our ready-to-go branded templates or work with our enterprise design, management and production team to create a fully bespoke event experience. Whatever your needs, our platform can cater for you.

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What Can Virtual Events Be Used For?

Virtual Conferences

Your conference can still happen online and be available on-demand for those that can’t make the live sessions.

Virtual Trade Shows

Moving trade shows online means less time and monetary restrictions, with more visibility on all the talks and exhibitions available.

Virtual Product Launches

Showcase unique product features with crystal clear video, product specialist hosted live chats, purchase links and 1:1 online meetings.

Virtual Open Days

Virtual open days are more accessible for everyone and staff can answer any questions and communicate one-to-one with students through live Q&A or chat tools.

Virtual Employee & Job Fairs

Recruit and engage new hires to virtually communicate career opportunities. Or connect with existing employees with questions, sign-ups and 1:1 attendee chats all in one place.

Virtual Education Sessions

Provide training or education sessions with virtual events using a host of interactive features such as live polls and Q&As to replicate the interactivity of classroom-based learning.

Why Use Our Virtual Event Platform?

Virtual Event Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual event?

Virtual events definition: A virtual event is an event that takes place online rather than a physical location. Whether it’s a global conference, product launch, open day or trade show, virtual conferences and events allow you to replicate the benefits, look, feel and interactivity of a traditional physical event, but over the internet via a virtual event platform. All your attendees need to take part in your virtual event is an internet connection.


Check out some hybrid and virtual event examples here >>

Why run a virtual event?

Because you’re opening up your audience and ROI opportunties! No longer are you restricted by space or travel with a virtual meeting platform. Your audience reach becomes larger than ever before. Plus, research shows that people now expect and want a virtual element at events now.

What does a virtual event look like?

Everything will be streamed via a virtual events platform so your online audience can join. But it can look pretty much anything you like! Our virtual event platform is flexible to suit your bespoke needs.

Check out some hybrid and virtual event ideas here.

Is it possible to incorporate video call or webcam functionality for presenters?

Yes, that’s no problem with our online event platform. We’d always recommend using a professional camera kit where possible (and we can send you some!). Get the perfect webcam setup with our short guide here »

Can I charge my virtual event attendees?

Of course! You need to be confident that you are producing content that has sufficient appeal to your audience to justify a price-tag, but there’s no reason not to charge for access if, for example, you’re live-streaming parts of a physical event which delegates have paid to attend.

We did some research and found out the top things that would persuade someone to pay for a virtual event ticket. Read them here >> 

streamGo won’t take the payment on your behalf in our virtual events platform. However we can advise and assist you in utilising your existing payment gateway or setting up another simple payment option.

Can my virtual event look like my brand?

It can, and it should. Your virtual event should represent your brand at any and every available attendee touch-point. Your registration page, virtual event page, reminder emails and URL all look and feel just like your own.

Our virtual events platform is set up to make sure your brand and content takes centre stage, which is why using a virtual events agency with an event platform like ours is key to getting the best branding.

How long does it take to set up a virtual event with your virtual event platform?

You can start to create pages for your event in our platform with just a few clicks! Or if you’re going for something more enterprise-level with us, the streamGo virtual events team can turn things around pretty quickly. We’ve even managed within 48 hours, but the important factor here is allowing time to market your virtual event effectively. Okay, if it’s internal communications then you already know who you will be inviting, but it’s still good to give people enough notice to get the virtual event in their diaries, to maximise attendance. Four to six weeks is usually a good amount of time to allow for promotion.

How can I boost virtual event engagement?

Keeping the audience engaged is every bit as important as getting them to attend in the first place, so we recommend making your virtual event interactive. Luckily for you our we offer the best platform for virtual events and engaging your audience, which has these features built-in.

Live polling is a great way to get an instant snapshot of your attendees’ thoughts on a certain topic, and you can display the results immediately on closing the poll – just be prepared for the results not to be what you expect!

Q&A sessions at the end of a virtual event are also important to allow attendees to interact, and our reporting platform tracks every question asked, so even if you can’t cover each one in the live event, it’s a great resource and way to engage with the attendee after the event.

Here’s some virtual events examples and read more on how to engage attendees here. 

Can I use your virtual events platform for virtual breakout rooms or ‘speed dating’ style sessions?

Yes, close-knit breakout sessions are important for your attendees to get the best understanding of key topics. Hosting a “virtual breakout session” during your event is a great way to connect attendees with product or topic specialists.

Can I have a physical event with virtual event elements?

Absolutely, physical events can still include virtual elements so that you have both, which is what we call hybrid events.

There’s lots of different types of hybrid events and we can be bespoke to suit your needs. See some hybrid event examples here.

Having that virtual element at your physical events can be a great way to boost attendee numbers (by up to 25%)  with an online-access pass or provide the in-person attendees with on-demand content long after they leave.

Can I incorporate virtual exhibition or sponsor rooms into my virtual event?

Yes, absolutely. We understand sponsors are what make events tick, so our virtual event software includes the option to showcase sponsors with their own booths, breakout rooms and more.

We have a variety of options and ideas to make sure sponsors get the brand awareness they desire. Check our best sponsor features here >>

How do I encourage networking at virtual events?

There’s lots of fun ways you can incorporate virtual networking ideas and opportunities at your online events. These such as virtual lobbies, using breakout rooms, games and live chats – all of which our virtual events platform can house.

We also have an automated matchmaking app that creates connections between your attendees in seconds! Perfect for networking at virtual and hybrid events. Check out our event matchmaking app here.

How do you run a virtual event?

There’s lots to think about when planning your virtual event, from thinking about all the various content formats you can have, arranging speakers, audience involvement and choosing the right online event platform.

Onboarding and platform training is included with all our plans at streamGo to make sure you have everything you need. Thankfully, we’ve also created an eBook on everything you need to run a virtual event.

Can I make my virtual event available on-demand?

Sure thing – we all know your attendees won’t all be able to make the live event, so making the content available on-demand is both good manners  and great business.

On-demand events can actually be created automatically in our platform with just the click of a button! Our reporting allows you to see analytics on both the live and on-demand events separately, so you get a great understanding of when and how your attendees view your virtual event.

How do I measure success at my virtual event?

Our virtual events platform provides reports for all of the metrics you’d need, from registrations, attendees, questions and clicks to average view and session times.

We also work closely with our clients to understand, from the outset, what the key goals of each virtual event are, and provide advice and guidance to help clients maximise the ROI from every virtual event. We want you to have the best virtual event as possible; your success is our success.

When is the best time to host a virtual event?

We’ve done tonnes of research to answer exactly this! You can read all about the best day, time and duration for your virtual events here >>

Virtual event tips and tricks

There are so many! Setting the right goals from the start is key, understanding the best topic and format and styling your event to make it eye-catching is so important! Take a look through our best virtual event tips here.

Can I run one-to-one meetings or VOIP calls during virtual events?

Yes, users can be put into separate meeting rooms or given a unique link for them to use to make a meeting room. Or users can use VOIP to make a call to each other from the chat widget.

Create Events That Generate Results

Choose from our ready-to-go branded templates or work with our enterprise design, management and production team to create a fully bespoke event experience. Whatever your needs, our platform can cater for you.

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