Your All-in-One Reporting Dashboard for Events

Data helps prove ROI for events.

The streamGo Platform provides a wealth of data opportunities to event managers, marketers and their wider teams to help measure the success of your events.

The streamGo platform tracks almost every data point interaction an attendee makes allowing you full visibility over their journey and advanced ability to lead score.

Over x different reports

Our platform provides a range of reports on every part of your event allowing full transparency and measurement of your event.

Active or Inactive

Our platform tracks if the event is the most active tab on a users device – allowing you to gauge if an attendee is actively watching or listening in the background.

User Journeys

You can access a report that shows every user interaction in order – allowing you to see where a user navigated after each session or where their journey terminated to allow you to make improvements to your future event.

Devices and Geo

See what devices your attendees are using and what countries they’re logging on from.

Lead Score
Your Attendees

streamGo’s unique engagement score helps you score your attendees based on their engagement. Helping you gauge which attendees need immediate follow up by your outreach or commercial teams.

Engagement score is also useful for working out how your events are performing and which topics or sessions are the most engaging.

Engagement Reports:

  • Engagement scores
  • Question reporting
  • Poll reporting (access every vote by every attendee)
  • Gamification reporting (Leaderboards, Treasure Hunts)
  • Agenda reporting (which attendees added which session to their personal agenda)
  • Search reporting
  • Click reporting (every click across every page by every attendee)

Video search
a cool feature for attendees
a amazing source of data for your events

streamGo’s industry leading, unique, video search allows attendees to navigate on-demand sessions easily and pinpoint the most relevant content quickly.

But it also provides a wealth of data for you and your event strategy. With every search tracked and ranked you can easily see what content attendees want and use this information to plan the content of your next event.

Instead of using post event surveys which can be out of date by the time you run your next event – you can use real time on-demand search information to align your next event to your audiences current requirements.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

  • Every search term ranked by popularity
  • number of results returned
  • Total searches made
  • CTR per term
  • Date and time of every search
  • Attendee reporting of every search – perfect for your commercial teams to follow up.
  • Full CSV export

Video Reporting
makes reporting simple

For live and on-demand events run through the streamGo console you can access our video report.

Simply skip through the video, pause and see who was watching at that exact moment.

Perfect for working out attrition between different segments of a presentation and allowing follow up to all online users that watched an exact segment of the event.

No need to wade through CSV and data to work out who watched at a specific moment.

  • Track activity throughout your event
  • Instant access to who watched which segment
  • Perfect for commercial follow ups
event matchmaking ai

with analytics

Our chatGo networking and online chat tool provides ROI metrics on every attendee. How many unique interactions and chats did they make. Alongside detailed reporting for sponsors and general activity.

  • Number of messages sent
  • Number of messages sent as direct messages
  • Number of conversations
  • Number of active users
  • Number of video calls
  • Number of blocked users
  • Number of users with a 100%, 75%+ or 50%+ match
  • Number of matches
  • Chats sent by segment of the event

Sponsor ROI
that keeps your sponsors returning

You can provide your sponsors a unique dashboard login allowing them access to instant reporting data for follow up.

You can even restrict their access to GDPR opted in data with anonymised data for those not opted in.

  • Visitor reporting during event
  • Visitor reporting outside of the event
  • Clicks to external sites
  • Clicks to documents
  • Comversion reporting

Our full list of reports

Project Level:

  • Registrations
  • Visitors
  • Project Attendees
  • Live Attendees
  • On-Demand Attendees
  • Non-Attendees
  • Clicks
  • Emails (Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes)
  • Questions
  • User Journey
  • Referrals
Event and Page Level:

  • Attendees
  • Non-Attendees
  • Polls
  • Visitors
  • Questions
  • Clicks
  • Locations
  • Devices

  • Geographic
  • Devices
  • discoverGo Search
  • CPD

  • User Journey
  • Attendance
  • Clicks

  • Individual User Matches
  • Chat transcript for Rooms
  • Question Answers

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