Your streamGo Event Timeline

Our clients most successful events follow the timeline below, and don't worry, your dedicated Event Producer is with you every step of the way.

step 1

Kick Off

As soon as you’re a streamGo client, your dedicated Event Producer will walk you through your event plan during your kick-off call.

During the kick-off call, we’ll book in your event date, talk about your goals for the number of registrants and attendees, discuss your event branding and set up your integrations.

step 2

Event Setup

Your Event Producer will set up your branded event pages and the attendee confirmation and reminder emails.

At this point you’ll also get access to the reporting dashboard so you can easily track registration numbers and see which campaign is driving sign ups.

step 3

Systems Check and Presenter Walk-Through

Your Event Producer will run through all you need to know about our platform. At this step they’ll also make sure each presenter has a reliable internet connection and that their audio connection is set up for a clear recording.

If the event has pre-recorded elements, these will be taken care of at this time too.

step 4

Goal Check

Before your event is streamed, we’ll be in touch to review how your registration numbers are looking compared to your goal. We’ll be happy to share tips on how to promote your event if your sign ups need a little boost.

step 5

Event Broadcast

The big day! Your Event Producer will make sure everything runs smoothly, from setting up the stream, settling any presenter nerves and also providing live chat support to attendees.

And remember, our platform automatically makes sure each attendee gets the highest quality stream possible for their connection.

step 6

On-Demand Event

A link to the on-demand version will be sent to you shortly after your live event.

Any post-event emails will also be triggered that can point attendees to the on-demand version, a feedback survey or to register for your next event.

step 7

Event Review

Our team will be ready whenever you are to run through the results from your event. We’ll take a look at registration and attendee numbers, conversion rates and dive into your engagement stats.

At this step we can also look at what to do differently next time. Would a longer promotion campaign boost numbers? How about using a poll mid-event? Would more (or fewer) presenters be better? We’re here to chat through your options.

10/10 - really impressed with overall experience from the 1st contact with sales then all the way through with our dedicated producer - for someone who has never run a webinar, streamGo were a massive help. I felt everything was taken care of. They really knew what they were doing and put me at ease.

Hazel Henderson, Trident Tax

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