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The Ultimate Guide For Live Stream Event Managers

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The Ultimate Guide For Live Stream Event Managers

In this eBook, we will outline the benefits of live streaming conferences, pitfalls to avoid, and key actions and features to use to guarantee a professional result.

Webcasting’s impact on conference performance.

How to prevent a disaster.

Can webcasting help promote your event?

What to think about on the day.

Measuring the success of your conference stream.

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67% of people who watch a live stream of an event will attend the same event the following year in person.

Key Takeaways From This eBook...

Future Proof Your Event

Safeguard your event against attendee budget cuts, travel policies and time pressures.

How To Prevent Disaster

A guide on how to avoid the most common difficulties webcast organisers face, and practical advice on how to overcome them.

Promote Your Event

A step-by-step guide on how to raise awareness of your event and keep attendees engaged with your brand after the event.

On The Day

What to consider on the day of your live conference stream.

Measure The Impact

How to use webcasting to analyse and report on the success of your event.

Run And Stream Your Next Event Better Than Apple

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