Make Your Event Content Easier To Find

discoverGo is your online content library that makes your on-demand event content searchable and helps more people discover it.

How Can discoverGo Help You?

Using discoverGo, viewers can search within your on-demand events to find mentions of the keyword, phrase or tag they are interested in, and play from that exact point.

Allowing your audience to watch exactly what they want through discoverGo increases engagement compared to standard “skip to chapter” options.

discoverGo provides auto-suggest options to encourage viewers to explore even more of your event content and will even highlight keywords with the same meaning e.g. "comms" and "communication".

Suddenly the key points discussed in your live stream are keywords that can help drive more people to register and view the event recordings.

Increased Viewer Engagement

Insight To Improve Content

More Accessible Events With Captions

Easier Discovery of Event Content

Insight-Rich Reports

You can access reports on search activity by viewer or key word to understand what topics your audience are engaged with, perfect for planning follow up campaigns and content.

Automated Event Accessibility

discoverGo helps make your events more accessible with automated captions which viewers can toggle on or off.

A Growing Content Library

As you run more events, your latest on-demand versions will automatically be included in your discoverGo library.


Run Better Online Events

With our team of Event Producers providing first-class support throughout your online events, engaging your audience is just one click away...