Sharing Experience In Crohn’s Disease

Using a webinar series to educate Healthcare Professionals on the latest Crohn's treatment.

At A Glance


To educate healthcare professionals with the latest treatment.


Enhanced educational webinar series with live Q&A.


Engaged and educated HCPs and the next series booked.

streamGo’s knowledge and experience in the healthcare space was a massive help, their support and guidance about when to run events gave us the results we were hoping for.

It’s no surprise that we’ve already booked our next webinar series with streamGo.

Derek Annan, Client Partnership Director at Vivid MedComms (part of Lucid Group)

The Challenge:
Delivering New Treatment Training To A Busy Audience

Crohn’s disease (CD) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the bowel characterised by recurrent attacks, acute exacerbations are often interspersed with periods of less active disease or even remission. Currently no cure exists, but continuous treatment can control or reduce the symptoms and help prevent relapses or flares.

Consultant gastroenterologists and specialist IBD nurses can find it difficult to set aside time for learning about new therapies or to attend face-to-face meetings to discuss new treatment choices. This has implications for their uptake, particularly as first-line biologics, and can severely negatively impact the patient’s clinical outcomes.

The healthcare industry, in general, had been relatively slow in developing digital strategies to help engage healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Webinars were the ideal channel for this type of training as it allowed HCPs to join from wherever they were, on any device. Giving them essential access to new training in their time-poor profession.

Derek Annan, Client Partnership Director at Vivid MedComms (part of Lucid Group)

The Solution:
Live and On-Demand Webinar Series

Vivid MedComms, part of the Lucid Group and streamGo developed a series of 8 x 30 mins enhanced webinars to provide much needed clinical and scientific information on how to use the pharmaceutical client drug in clinical practice.

The webinars were developed and presented by experts with clinical expertise in the use of biologic therapies in the management of CD.

The standard webinar format was rethought and became a concise and interactive 30-minute session split into a pre-filmed presentation followed by a live Q&A. A series of polling questions, given during filming allowed for extra engagement with the audience.

For Vivid this meant coordinating a number of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to present the webinars – on one occasion coming straight from theatre and still in their scrubs! This is where streamGo’s Event Producers proved their worth.

Bespoke branded webinar pages and confirmation emails.

Pre-recorded content with live question and answer session.

Presenter best practice tips and platform run-through.

Engaged HCPs with the latest Crohn’s treatment.

We were really impressed with how agile streamGo were; talking speakers through the platform and the many other managed elements of their service meant I could focus on the content for my client.

Derek Annan, Client Partnership Director at Vivid MedComms (part of Lucid Group)

The Result:
Engaged and Educated HCPs

As well as the 24 broadcast sessions, the content was re-edited into on-demand versions, to be used as part of a longer HCP engagement and education campaign.

The multi-session and on-demand approach to new treatment training proved a hit for Vivid and their client, with the next series already booked in.

We had really positive feedback from the client. They were delighted with how the presenters came across and the service they experienced. They were also very happy with how the webinars engaged and educated the HCPs, in a way that was convenient for everyone involved.

Derek Annan, Client Partnership Director at Vivid MedComms (part of Lucid Group)

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