How a University Achieved a 40% Attendee Uplift with streamGo

We worked with the University of California Davis to help them deliver their latest virtual conference, Harnessing the Plant Microbiome.

This conference needed to deliver multiple speaker sessions, include interactive resources, networking roundtables and a dedicated sponsor area, all within a fully immersive and beautifully designed experience.

No other platform like streamGo’s could tick all the educational boxes whilst displaying content in such a captivating way. Read more below to find out how we made this all a reality…

360° design



Fully Immersive
360° Design

It needed to feel like the attendees were really there. And realistic, immersive designs are what we love to do at streamGo. Our design team used 3D vendors of the University grounds to recreate a 360 degree, digital experience for viewers to walk through.

This campus acted as the main lobby where attendees could explore all the different rooms and features throughout the event.

attendee conversion rate
uplift in attendees vs. physical event
also watched on-demand

A Host of Features
To Make It a Success

Along with a host of presentations and speaker sessions, the UC took full advantage of some of our interactive event features to help them get the most out of their content:

  • Poster hall: These were used to house research papers and helpful resources, all of which are completely trackable and included in event reports.
  • Sponsor hall: Every sponsor had a space to showcase themselves to attendees.
  • Chat rooms: The UC created multiple chat rooms to cover different topics, to entice attendees to engage and chat with one another.
  • On-demand: As standard with streamGo, events are automatically made on-demand for as long as you need. The UC opted to keep the event open for 60 days following the live session. All videos come with our powerful video search feature, discoverGo.
  • Networking: There were roundtable sessions dedicated to networking opportunities. These used our dynamic roundtable feature so attendees could hover over tables to see which ones had spaces and which attendees were in each room.
questions asked
video searches

A Spike in Live Attendees &
On-Demand Traffic

The event was a huge success, with 90% of registrants attending the live event. The UC had originally planned an in-person event before deciding to go virtual.  They aimed for up to 250 attendees which would have maxed out the venue’s capacity. Their event with streamGo saw 350 people attend from all over the world, resulting in an amazing attendee increase of 40%.

Engagement was also a key factor, so our ability to track all event interactions meant streamGo’s platform was the perfect fit. 185 questions were asked across all sessions, 5000+ clicks across resources, and the UC saw a spike in traffic following the event with over 60% of people returning to watch on-demand.

As standard with all of our on-demand events, our unique video search software was added across sessions and it was great to see viewers searching for specific speakers and sessions in the days following the event.

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