How TIGA Achieved 10x More Attendee Interactions

TIGA’s Games Industry Awards are the pinnacle of their events calendar. Deploying the branded chatGo app by streamGo (known to attendees as the TIGA Awards Networking App) meant they managed to increase audience interactions by over 10x.

Read below how TIGA achieved 10x more attendee networking and increased visibility and contact with sponsors.


found the app useful


met someone they wouldn’t have otherwise met


had over 15 matches


engaged in a chat on the app

The Challenge

Helping over 400 attendees network during a sit down dinner and awards event. In the past attendees have struggled to network outside their own table.

The Solution

Deploying the branded chatGo app [The TIGA Awards Networking App] allowing attendees to network pre, during and post event.

The Result

Over 10x more interactions than the previous year!

The Challenge:
Make attendee engagement easier during an awards event

TIGA are the UK games Developers Trade Association.

Representing hundreds of organisations and thousands of staff, enabling interaction between members and sponsors of the event was key. By sharing problems, challenges and solutions members can gain more than a night of entertainment!

The TIGA awards have been delivered in person since 2010. However, with tables of 10 and a awards show to watch it can be difficult for attendees to network outside their table (which is often their own team) and gain useful interactions with peers and sponsors.

chatGo was quick to deploy, cost-effective and minimal effort from our side. It provided an amazing tool for our attendees and increased audience interactions 10x. We can't wait to use it at our next event.

Nancy ClarkEvent and Member Benefits Manager

The Solution:
An audience networking app

TIGA needed to give attendees an easy way to find the needle in the haystack. With over 400 attendees and limit networking time, it can be hard for attendees to find peers with similar challenges to share experiences.

The chatGo networking app allowed attendees to be matched together based on current challenge, scale of business and current tech stacks.

This meant that attendees could easily chat to peers in similar situations and arrange to meet at the event in person.

Sponsors were also matched with attendees meaning they had greater visibility at the event and more meaningful conversations and ROI.

event matchmaking app

The Result:
Record Breaking Engagement

TIGA’s attendees on average met with 10x more attendees than before the app was deployed (in previous years). Sponsors matched with a wide range of attendees enabling easier networking and benefits for sponsors.

Attendees loved the functionality and it was used by most attendees.


found the app easy to use

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