Helping ThinCats Successfully Deliver Their First Online Event

The Challenge

Deliver a seamless webinar experience for the first time ever, to attract their core target market and get attendees engaging with the ThinCats brand.

The Solution

A live streamed event with a Q&A session and company resources available to download. 

The Result

A really engaging event with lots of content interaction and insightful attendee data to take away.

The Challenge:
Deliver A Seamless Online Event To Engage Their Key Market

ThinCats provide bespoke business funding solutions for UK SMEs and work closely with accountants and finance advisers across the region.

They wanted to run a webinar that would be helpful, informative and attract their core client base. They managed to land politician and former athlete Sebastian Coe as a very special guest speaker, so they knew the content itself would be super engaging. However, they still needed to ensure the smooth running of the event to keep their audience engaged throughout.

The thing is; ThinCats had never ran an online event before, so they needed the support to make it happen. Which is where we came in…

“streamGo advertised themselves as offering the full package and they really did. Support was just brilliant and the team were amazing!”

Jo BrownEvents Manager

The Solution:
A Live Stream With A Q&A Session And Downloadable Resources

ThinCats had previously attended a virtual event run by streamGo and were impressed with our platform and features. And once they found out that we also offered an end to end service with support all the way through, they knew we’d be the perfect fit.

Our expert Event Producers ensured the webinar was streamed smoothly from start to finish, managing all technical aspects and keeping everyone on track throughout. We included a Q&A session so Sebastian Coe could answer any audience questions, keeping that interaction and engagement up.

ThinCats also housed resources in our platform, so that attendees could read and download information about the company throughout the webinar.

hubspot integration

HubSpot Integration and One-Click Registration

Did you know that we are also able to integrate with a number of CRM and marketing automation tools? This can make it so much easier for people to sign up to your event!

ThinCats took advantage of our one-click registration feature and integrated the event registration form with their HubSpot account. This enabled attendees to skip the register form completely and sign up from emails with just one click. All registration data also fed back into ThinCats’ HubSpot account, making it much easier for them to see all details in one place.

The Result:
An Engaging Online Event With Helpful Data Insights

ThinCats’ first ever online event was a big success, and although the team are looking forward to a return to physical events, they’ll definitely consider keeping virtual elements in the future and explore a hybrid event approach.

Due to the tracking we have in our virtual event platform the team are now also armed with helpful data from the event, including engagement scores, referral sources and details on who clicked on which resource throughout the webinar.

“Support was just brilliant and the team were amazing!”

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