Temenos | TCF Online Virtual Event



Temenos Stakeholders
  • Custom Branding
  • Social Wall
  • Sponsor Booths
  • Custom Branded Game For Attendees
  • On-Demand Access

Temenos Updated Their Global Stakeholders Remotely With A Virtual Event

In response to COVID-19, Temenos took its annual Temenos Community Forum (TCF) online with a streamGo Virtual Event, overcoming travel restrictions and allowing their typically physical audience to spectate from the safety of their own homes.

Contained within a fully-branded virtual environment, TCF Online featured keynote content from senior Temenos leaders who made key announcements, communicated customer insights, and even made exciting new software demonstrations. To provide their sponsors with value, Temenos included bespoke sponsor booths.

To create an interactive experience and engage their 4500-strong audience, Temenos incorporated an interactive social wall, live chat function, and even a Temenos version of the classic mobile game, ‘Snake’.

Following the event, attendees were provided with on-demand access to explore all the content available to them;

  • 34 Live & On-Demand Sessions
  • 48 Live Q&A Sessions
  • 30 Product Demos

Custom Branding

The entire TCF virtual event was designed to match their brand, giving attendees a familiar look and feel to the usually physical event.

The event featured brand fonts, background images, and colours.

temenos event

Sponsor Booths

Temenos had several sponsors for its TCF Online Virtual Event, each with their own dedicated page or booth to showcase their content to the event attendees.

Live Chat

Sponsors were able to chat with visitors to their booth, helping generate engagement and leads.

Online Meetings

Temenos’s sponsors could feature a call to action to book a demo or online meeting, helping them to deliver ROI.

Resource Hub

Sponsors hosted videos, downloads, podcasts, and links all focused on the event topics to showcase their expertise to an engaged audience.

A Mix Of Live & On-Demand Sessions

During the virtual event, Temenos hosted a mixture of live and on-demand keynote and ‘ask the expert’ sessions.

This allowed the attendees to pick and choose their content and gave Temenos an opportunity to provide sessions to pique everyone’s interests.

All live sessions were made available on-demand to attendees, meaning they could catch up on any sessions they missed.

Custom-Branded Game

To keep attendees entertained while they waited for different sessions, Temenos hosted their own branded version of the classic mobile game, ‘Snake’.

With scores recorded on a leaderboard, players competed for the top spot to win a ‘swag bag’ of prizes.

Live Polls

During the virtual event, Temenos ran a live poll to gather data and gain opinions about a variety of key topics.

Interactive Social Wall

Temenos’s interactive social wall allowed both presenters and attendees to interact and keep up to date with the event discussion on social media.

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