How PerkinElmer Streamlined Suppliers
& Doubled Attendees

PerkinElmer are on a mission to innovate for a healthier world by helping scientists, researchers and clinicians better diagnose diseases and discover new drugs.

Each year they host their Commercial Kick-Off Conference for employees and partners to connect and learn about the latest developments and updates in the business.

Historically, PerkinElmer used multiple suppliers to run these events. But they wanted to streamline this to just one virtual event platform and chose to work with streamGo because we could do everything they needed and create something way more immersive than they were used to.

Find out how we helped them reach record-breaking attendee numbers and incredible engagement levels at their 2022 conference…

“We chose streamGo because we needed a virtual event platform that was easy to use, offered a high standard of event support and could create an immersive experience.”

– Catherine Holland, Senior Events Marketing Professional

Beautiful 360° Visuals
to Immerse the Audience

We built a 360° garden walk for attendees to land in when they entered the event, taking them through to a tropical garden paradise. This really grabbed the audience’s attention from the start and helped set the scene for an exciting couple of days.

“Attendees were so impressed with the visuals and immersive nature of the event as they walked in.”

– Beth Constable, Marketing & Events Digital Team Leader

360° Design

Virtual Booths

Social Wall

Treasure Hunt

Reaction Icons

Creative Content With Features To
Excite, Engage & Educate

PerkinElmer worked really hard to create a compelling mix of pre-recorded and live video content to keep things fresh and engaging.

Attendee engagement was key, so we had to make sure the audience could easily interact with the content in our platform.

“We wanted to avoid death by PowerPoint
and keep things exciting.”

– Catherine Holland, Senior Events Marketing Professional

social wall

We housed a mix of engagement features to make sure the audience felt connected throughout the event:

  • Social wall: Audience members could upload images to social media walls. The feed didn’t stop and attendees loved sharing their photos with each other from all over the world!
  • Treasure hunt: 700+ attendees took part in our interactive treasure hunt aimed to get attendees exploring all areas of the event.
  • Real-time audience reactions: These were added across all sessions to increase audience and engagement. Since they’re reported on in real time, PerkinElmer could watch how each session was performing as the event happened.
  • Virtual booths: These booths housed mix of content, including educational videos and downloadable resources. These booths included a Microsoft Teams link to easily integrate the event with a simple form of communication their attendees were used to.
  • Polls and questions: These were used as great engagement metrics to measure which sessions were performing well – the event had 1300+ poll submissions and hundreds of questions were asked!
  • On-demand: As standard with streamGo, events are automatically made on-demand for as long as you need and videos come with our powerful search feature, discoverGo.

“Having the Event Producers was amazing. They were really proactive and made suggestions to our content to really elevate the quality.”

Beth Constable
Marketing & Events Digital Team Leader

Simple Changes
To Create a Big Impact

PerkinElmer’s award ceremony was an important part of the event, so we wanted to do something extra special in the auditorium.

We switched up the room design to take it from day time to evening, with twinkling lights to mimic an award ceremony room. Attendees loved this subtle yet impactful change.

Fantastic Engagement &
180% Increase In Attendees

For the first time ever, PerkinElmer managed to increase audience participation by an incredible 180%. They usually have around 500 people attend these conferences, but the virtual nature allowed them to open the event up to the entire commercial team.

But, level of engagement was the important metric. Which is why streamGo’s platform was the perfect fit.

All event interactions were tracked – from poll submissions, questions submitted, resource clicks and even the number of people actively watching the event on their screen. This made is easy for PerkinElmer to see how many people were engaging with the event and the results were amazing.

“Being able to see these metrics has been invaluable and it was amazing to see engagement to that level.”

Catherine Holland
Senior Events Marketing Professional

Attendee Increase

Watching On-Demand

Questions Asked

Poll Submissions

Treasure Hunts

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