HRD: A Virtual Experience



HR Leaders
  • Custom Branding
  • Sponsor Booths
  • Simultaneous Sessions
  • On-Demand Access

HRD’s Virtual Summit Engages and Educates HR Leaders

HRD replaced their physical summit with a virtual experience. Their summit featured key note content from industry leaders, sponsor booths to provide value for sponsors and resources for attendees and simultaneous masterclass sessions for the attendees to choose from. Attendees were provided with on-demand access to explore all the content available to them; 10.5 hours in total.

Custom Branding

The entire HRD virtual event was designed to match their brand, giving attendees a familiar look and feel to the event.

The event featured brand fonts, background images and colours.

HRD keynote
Citrix sponsor booth

Sponsor Booths

HRD had a number of sponsors for their virtual summit, each with their own dedicated page or booth to showcase their content to the event attendees.

Live Chat

Sponsors were able to chat with visitors to their booth, helping generate engagement and leads.

Online Meetings

HRD’s sponsors could feature a call to action to book a demo or online meeting, helping them to deliver ROI.

Resource Library

Sponsors hosted videos, downloads, podcasts and links all focused on the event topics to showcase their expertise to an engaged audience.

Simultaneous Sessions

During the virtual event, HRD hosted a series of masterclass sessions which ran simultaneously.

This allowed the attendees to pick and choose their content and gave HRD an opportunity to provide sessions to pique everyone’s interests.

These sessions were made available on-demand to attendees, meaning they could catch up on any sessions they missed.

HRD masterclass
HRD masterclass with webcam

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