Streaming Unique Market Insights

Using a webinar series to update investors on the latest market trends.

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Delivering trusted market insight to existing and potential clients.


Live and On-Demand expert-led webinars.


Interaction, insight and new clients.

The Challenge:
Delivering Trusted Market Insight To Existing And Potential Clients

Hermes Investment Management’s primary purpose is to help their clients retire better by providing world-class active investment management and stewardship services. They offer clients access to a wide range of specialist investment teams with US$44.2 billion assets under management.*

The challenge for Hermes, and for investment management specialists the world over, is how to deliver their detailed insight to existing and potential clients in a secure way.

Investment management is very competitive and it’s important for Hermes to provide their insight to a selected audience. This helps make sure they provide the very best client service.

*Source: Hermes, as at 30 September 2019

The Solution:
Live and On-Demand Expert-Led Webinars

Hermes pride themselves on delivering an exceptional service for their clients by delivering timely market updates from their experts.

By using streamGo to stream their market updates, Hermes are able to be selective with exactly who can view the webinar. For example, a client-only event can be set up just to accept registrations from a certain list.

While the live webinars attract an engaged audience, not everyone is able to make those set times. Hermes have these people covered too. Using on-demand replays has meant that Hermes increased webinar registrations by up to 29%, providing further opportunities to add new clients.

webinars boosted
registrations by

Providing clients and prospects with trusted market insight is fundamental to our business. Our webinar series is a key channel for us to deliver updates to a wide and engaged audience.

Hermes Investment Management
Questions and Polls

The Result:
Interaction, Insight and New Clients

Hermes have recently started using audience polls and live question and answer sessions to great effect. This valuable insight can be used both on the webinar, to personalise the content, and after the webinar to follow up with specific information.

The viewers really grab the chance to ask the experts for more details on different elements of the webinar. These questions can be key to generating more in-depth discussions with the presenters and their audience.

Following the success of their recent webinars, Hermes have already planned in their next market updates with streamGo.

Using streamGo has made the process really simple and means we can deliver high quality webinars time and time again.

Knowing that our Event Producer will take care of everything from setting up registration and live event pages, to running systems and stream tests, means our speakers can focus on their insight rather than the technical details.

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