Future Vision: DTG Summit 2020

Digital TV Group (DTG)


B2B Technology
  • Custom Branding
  • 3D Sponsor Booths
  • Multi-Speaker Panel Sessions
  • Attendee Networking
  • Attendee Gamification
  • On-Demand Access

DTG’s Virtual Summit Engages Tech Businesses With A Vision Of The Future

DTG replaced their physical summit with a virtual experience. Their summit featured world-class content from industry leaders, sponsor booths to provide value for sponsors, attendee networking, panel discussions featuring multiple remote presenters, and even a competition to boost engagement levels. Attendees were provided with on-demand access to explore all the content available to them.

Custom Branding

The entire DTG virtual summit was designed to match their brand, giving attendees a familiar look and feel to the event.

The event featured brand fonts, background images, and colours.

custom virtual event branding
DTG sponsor chat
DTG 3D sponsor hall

3D Sponsor Booths

DTG had a number of sponsors for their virtual summit, each with their own dedicated page or booth to showcase their content to the event attendees.

Live Chat

Sponsors were able to chat with visitors to their booth, helping generate engagement and leads.

Resource Library

Sponsors hosted videos, downloads, podcasts, and links all focused on the event topics to showcase their expertise to an engaged audience.

Multi-Speaker Panel Sessions

During the virtual event, DTG hosted a series of panel sessions with multiple speakers joining the debates remotely.

This proved to be an effective way to feature a range of experts from across the globe who could share their insight and discuss the latest innovations together.

multi speaker panel session
DTG International Panel
attendee gamification

Attendee Gamification

As a fun way to encourage attendees to explore all parts of the online summit, DTG featured a “golden remote” competition. By finding all the remotes, attendees were entered into a prize draw. For DTG this was an engaging way to keep attendees focused on the event and to visit sponsor’s pages.

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