Bringing the Affinity Workforce Solutions Together With A Hybrid Approach

Affinity Workforce’s annual Education Conference is all about celebrating company achievements and rewarding employees. But most of all, it’s about bringing everyone together and having fun.

Still don’t think that can be executed well in a hybrid or virtual way? Just watch their intro video for a taster of the atmosphere at this hybrid event…




physical attendees


watching virtually

I also wondered if we would be able to generate the same level of excitement and enjoyment as usual. I shouldn’t have worried. Our marketing team, CEO and the team from streamGo worked really hard to make the event come to life.

After a 2-year hiatus it was brilliant for myself and all the guys across the North East to be able to attend our company wide conference! The event was genuinely engaging and we could all get a feel for the atmosphere across the other branches!

We have had a number of new starters since the last face-to-face event and so the occasion had been hyped up by our incumbent staff. Safe to say the newbies weren’t left disappointed, and in part credit for that has to go to the succinct way the event was managed virtually!

The Challenge

Replicate the same excitement and engagement from physical conferences via a hybrid approach.

The Solution

A Hub and Spoke style event with a mix of live streams from 6 different office locations and pre-recorded video, with the option for employees to watch virtually from home.

The Result

A really engaging event, excited employees and a huge success after trying hybrid for the first time.

The Challenge:
Create An Exciting Event To Connect Employees Across The UK

Affinity Workforce Solutions has been providing recruitment services within education for more than 20 years, through three of their market-leading brands.

Their annual Education Conference is usually a big deal. It’s traditionally held in person and in one central location with more than 130 employees attending. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions that wasn’t possible this year.

So, we needed to help Affinity execute an internal event that was just as exciting and engaging but split out over multiple locations throughout the UK, with the option for some employees to tune in completely virtually from home.

"The support we had by the team at streamGo was outstanding. We were all so impressed by the amount of technical equipment the Event Producers had. It helped show our employees that the event was taken seriously and way more than just a Zoom style conference."

Esme Bianchi-BarryChief Executive Officer

The Solution:
A Hub & Spoke Event Catering For A Hybrid Audience

We helped Affinity create a Hub and Spoke style event that catered for their hybrid audience of physical and virtual attendees. This entailed a mixture of live streaming from all 6 different locations as well as pre-recorded footage.

The main ‘hub’ was at their Birmingham location, which housed the main live stream, Birmingham employees and presenter for the event.

There were then 5 other ‘spoke’ locations which were also live streamed, and where the rest of the employees throughout the UK were gathered.

Dedicated Event Producers At Every Location

It was also important to Affinity that this wasn’t just a boring live stream, so the event incorporated a mix of pre-recorded footage to add some fun and mix up the content style.

As all locations were being live streamed, employees could still be involved in some of the usual activities they expect from these conferences, such as competitions, company awards and raffles.

We also had our trusty team of Event Producers on site at every location to manage all technical aspects of the event, ensuring all streams and videos ran smoothly and on time according to the event agenda.

This allowed the team at Affinity to concentrate on delivering a really engaging event and have fun with their fellow employees.

The Result:
An Engaging Event That Brought Employees Together

Although employees were used to being together physically at these conferences, the event was a huge success.

Employees felt the event was “genuinely engaging,” they could “feel the atmosphere across other branches” and it gave teams the opportunity to be “involved and feel part of the whole business team once again.”

“The event was genuinely engaging and we could all get a feel for the atmosphere across the other branches!”

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