Interactive & Engaging CPD Certification

Easily deliver training sessions and track attendee performance with our automated CPD certification.

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Flexible Training

Attendees can complete their CPD training in our platform either live or on-demand in their own time.

Instant Accreditation

Certificates will automatically be sent out to attendees as soon as they hit your training goals.

Insightful Analytics

Monitor attendee progression and use the data to spot common trends and potential knowledge gaps.

Cost-Effective Training

Cut the cost of in-person training sessions and learning materials by going online.

Interactive Training
That Makes Learning Fun

With our automated certification, it’s never been easier to deliver training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) during your events.

  • Bespoke criteria: Whether you want to credit attendees based on how long they’ve watched a session for or how they’ve interacted with your event, you can set your own custom training criteria.
  • Automated certificates: Personalised certificates will be issued automatically as soon as attendees reach your training and CPD goals.
  • Track progress: Attendees can easily track their progress to see which certificates they’ve been awarded and what they still need to complete.
  • User analytics: Monitor how attendees are progressing with their training and download lists of those that still need to complete sessions. Use this data to inform your training and marketing emails.

How Companies Can Use Automated CPD Training

Feature-Packed Event Platform

Whether you’re looking for 360° immersive event design or all the event tech you need to engage your online audience, we have you covered. Find out more about our feature-rich virtual events platform.

Virtual Event Platform

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